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Focused on education and based on Design Thinking, Brick Building allows teachers and students to collaboratively design prototypes of processes and content for different areas of knowledge.

Developed for Windows

Minimum Requirements: Intel Celeron 1.4Ghz-4GB Ram-Integrated Video Card


Allows you to create sessions or ClassRooms for 10 builder users or 70 viewer users including VozIP

Cinematics & Animations

You can create and animate cameras to develop a detailed presentation of the process. You can also animate tiles such as vehicles, boats, planes or people through Keys or track points.

Brick Building contains a library of more than 800 tiles or blocks with which teachers and students can create 3D models in an easy, fun and collaborative way.


In the following video (Spanish Version) you will see the general characteristics of Brick Building, remember that you can sign up on our YouTube channel or follow us on instagram at @brickbuilding_vr 

How to install Brick Building?

Brick Building has a free version that can be downloaded from STEAM, follow the steps below to install Brick Building on your computer


Minimum requirements

Remember that at this time the version is available for Windows. The minimum requirements are: Intel Celerón 1.4 Ghz, 4 GB Ram, Integrated video card and 8MB of internet for multiplayer connection.
Brick Building will be available to MAC in November 2020


Create an account on STEAM

In your browser Enter the following link: or search in Google: Brick Building STEAM. Once you are in the link, look for the option FREE TO PLAY -PLAY to start the installation. Follow the steps indicated by STEAM.


Install Brick Building

Once STEAM is installed on your computer, in the store option look for: Brick Building. You can see the free version or the paid version. Install following the steps indicated by STEAM.

You can see the user manuals on our YouTube channel 
Below you can see the overview of Brick Building

How can the classes be with Brick Building?

The user will be able to replicate different types of scenarios to explain processes such as distribution
plant, logistics, international trade, Incoterms, engineering, administrative and
economic or any other area of ​​knowledge. It also has a variety of tabs
LEGO ® type to be able to work with methodologies such as Design Thinking.
As a great support tool, the Brick Building user may include the use of cameras
Drone type to create a Kinematics on your stage parameterizing time and movement of the
different types of cameras, this way you can create a detailed exposition of your project.

In Home/university

The teacher creates content and prepares the class

Online Class

The teacher enables the room and connects with the students to develop the class or to evaluate the prototypes developed by the students


In Home

Students develop their assignments and projects. They can also do it collaboratively

In VR Rooms / Tech Rooms

In Tech Rooms or VR Rooms, teachers and students will be able to connect and develop immersively  class.


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